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About us

Our Story

Kilakituu Africa is a Virtual Market Place made for the entire Africa launched in 2021 to bring entire continent to a single market solution.
The platform allows free advertisement for all African Countries to showcase their products and services to their counterpart countries. We intend to drive and promote trade within African Continent and allow farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, resellers and service industry to take advantage of this platform and access consumers directly from Africa.

Why us

We believe Africa 1.216 Billion people can contribute a lot in terms of trade within the continent and this platform is the first ever to be launched for African Continent. We are interested to curb the current trade imbalance which hinders Africa’s growth by over dependence on western world and for this reasons we have come up with a single market solution which will help to grow and develop African Industries and promote their wares and services to their counterpart countries.
Each country in Africa has a unique item which another country in Africa wants but the supply cannot be properly identified. This platform is free and allows the user to showcase all their goods and services by allowing them to upload as many products as they want. The platform has been designed in the most simplistic manner for ease of understanding and operation.
The uniqueness of this business platform is that it will be marketed all our over the world and trade will be conducted both internally within the continent and externally. This will increase the demand and create competition within African Countries and raise awareness on the size, color, quality, shape, weight, and packaging.
The service industry will have a virtually a whole new beginning. The Hospitality industry shall be able to service Tourist from African Continent, Programmers and App developers shall be able gain exposure and develop software which sustain African needs. Hospitals will be able to advertise their treatment facilities and provide an alternate & affordable Health Care within the continent. African Talent in Painting, sculpture and artifacts will have immense exposure to the whole world; Musician can insert their music albums links and get their talents exposed.
Be a Part of Africa and join today. List your portfolio and help us build and achieve the dream of Kilakituu Africa. “The one stop market for the entire continent”.

Marketing by us

We are always proactively marketing on all the social media channels and market places to ensure all the products and services get a full exposure. i.e. Google, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, What’s App, Telegram, Pin Interest, Export Exhibitions, etc. We have set a target to 100 million viewers in the first year of launching. The exposure within the continent will be immense and the products and services will have great market coverage.

Publishing your Ads

To publish your products or services you just need to register a free account. Click on the below link to register today!
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To register you need a valid email address and create your password.
You shall require a onetime validation of your password by following the link provided to you in your email.

Premium Listing

We encourage all corporate enterprises to visit our premium listing section where you get more information on Premium Adds, Banners sizes and Images. Or you can email us at sales@kilakituuafrica.com for more detailed information.


We are always striving to review the website to improve and always welcome positive feedback. If you need any assistance or complaints you can always email us on the below email address.
Customer Care: customercare@kilakituuafrica.com